10 reasons why you should go sober for October

Published: September 2017

It’s reassuringly easy to be cynical about charity campaigns that advise us to kick a habit to help others “and ourselves”. But Macmillan’s Go Sober for October – coming as it does at the end of summery fun and before the whiskey-sipping winter and pre-Xmas excesses – would seem to be logical, likable and all-round lovely.

The fundraising challenge, which runs from 1 – 31 October, encourages people to give up alcohol for the month – and be sponsored by their friends and family to do so.

1. You'll get an energy kick

Alcohol interrupts your normal sleep pattern, so waking up after a few hours or feeling exhausted the next day is common. Taking a break from alcohol will enable you to get a better quality of sleep, ultimately helping give you more energy.


2. You'll waste less time

Having a hangover often means writing off the whole day, and will generally leave you feeling lazy and lethargic. Imagine what you could do with those extra hours that are normally wasted.


3. You’ll be more likely to stick to an exercise regime

Why not take the opportunity to really commit to an exercise regime? As you’re already reducing the calories that alcohol brings with it, you can look forward to more effective training and better results.


4. You’ll be less likely to snack on bad food

Alcohol plays havoc with your blood sugar levels, causing your body to crave sweet and starchy foods. Staying off the booze will give you a much better chance of making healthier food choices.


5. You'll look better, with clearer skin

Alcohol is a toxin that makes you go to the loo more often, it makes your kidneys work harder and your liver has to go into overtime to break it down – this leads to dehydration, which can cause dry skin as well as other problems.


6. You'll throw the beer belly out with the beer

Alcohol mobilises insulin, a fat-storing hormone, which can lead to the production of fat cells around the middle. You’ll be amazed how quickly your waistline starts to shrink once you have a break from the booze.


7. You'll have better sex

Sadly brewers droop isn’t a myth – too much booze over an extended period can lead to problems getting and maintaining an erection.


8. You'll stop snoring (or at least get a bit quieter)

On top of interrupting your normal sleep pattern, alcohol also relaxes your throat muscles causing you to snore when you do get to sleep. Taking a break for a while could help you, and your partner, get a better night’s sleep.


9. You'll be less prone to mood swings

While your first drink may make you feel better, booze is actually a depressant. Those dreaded hangover blues are caused by a direct effect of alcohol on your brain chemistry. 


10. You'll re-evaluate your view of drinking

Breaking the habit of drinking alcohol on a regular basis enables you to adopt a much more balanced approach to your alcohol intake. Remember – moderation is always key!

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