Clinical Lead Nurse

Sarah Hartley

Sarah Elizabeth Hartley

Registered Nurse Bsc Hons

Earned my bachelor of science degree with first class honors at the University of Nottingham. With over 16 years nursing experience. I have had a wide and varied career so far.


For the past four years i have lived in spain, with my two beautiful children. Both now classed as andaluz !!


During my time here in Spain i have had the honor of volunteering for a local palliative care charity Associacion Girasol, My role began as a volunteer in my capacities ... primarily nurse ... moving on to coordinating the home care team to my current role as Vice President and Treasurer. It has been a valuable experience and one that continues to challenge me on many levels.

I joined the Angels team about five months ago and have seen my role develop significantly so far.

The most rewarding aspect of my career is that i am able to do what i love most. Providing nursing care to patients within the home environment. From the very basic to the very complex of conditions. I feel very privileged to be able to fulfill my passion ... not just my job.

One of greatest beliefs and sayings is ... it is the small things that matter the most!

In my spare time, i enjoy a wide range if things to do ... from mountaineering.. running, cycling, cooking, reading the latest novel. And generally being a social butterfly

Sensara Warden

Angelo Ledesma

Nursing is a field that is concerned with taking care of ill or injured persons; and providing preventive health care to well persons. Nurses work in various settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, public health departments, businesses, public schools and mental health canters.

Duties performed by nurses include providing patient care, assessment of patients, developing nursing care plans and educating patients about their conditions.


Hi my name is Blitz Angelo, but my friends calls me Angelo as its very easy to pronounce, I was born and raised in the tropical country called the Philippines, when I was young  I wanted to become a dentist but my mom wont support my dreams as she wanted me to be a nurse.


Growing up in a family of Doctors, Surgeons, and Nurses is kinda daunting,When I graduated from high school (2004) I took the Nursing Aptitude Exam and passed, and my nursing life started.


I graduated last 2008 after graduation I took the Philippines Board Exam and on the same year I also passed the said exam.


I started as a General Nurse for a year rotating my shifts from different areas of nursing, but there is one area i fell involve with and thats Maternity and child, I worked in the community and in a hospital setting, before i flew to Africa to continue gaining more experience.


At the age of 23 I was already in a land that is very unfamiliar with me, working in an Arab country as a male nurse is very different and difficult for me as i have my limitations but thru hard work and perseverance, i was able to work in an Area that I enjoyed the most (Maternity ward and Deliver Room).

I was the first male nurse to worked in this special Area.


Working and living in a country away from your loved ones is difficult, but  I was trained to be Independent, Flexible and Adaptable to any situation.


Coming Here to Spain and work as a nurse was not really my goal in the first place, it started as a vacation around Europe and ended staying in Spain.


2014 was the year that ANGELS NURSING GROUP recruited me after a very long wait thou, I started working for them as a carer, also as a translator as I speak Spanish and later on became the lead Nurse and eventually a Nurse Warden.


I Don't see myself in any profession I had lots of opportunity in the past but I always come back to nursing, my life is all about nursing.


I'm very passionate with my work, and i make sure that all my patients are equally treated.

Sensara Warden

David Ward

Former Navy personnel of 22 years David started his medical career as a medic in the Submarine Service later applying for and succeeding in his Nursing course at Portsmouth University in 2002. Working in various Military and NHS hospitals in numerous disciplines followed including 2 tours of Iraq in 2003 and 2009. His final tour was of Neuro Rehab Ward Manager at Headley Court Defence Rehabilitation Centre where he was honoured on the 2012 Queens Honours List as an Associate of the Royal Red Cross (ARRC) for his contribution to Nursing; in the field of Military Neurological Rehabilitation.  David semi-retired to sunny Spain in 2014 before return to nursing with Angels in 2017.

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