The Angels Device will pin point your location anywhere in Spain

The Angels Device is the most powerful personal safety device available which is mall in size and lightweight. Combining the latest GPS technology with widely available GSM standards.

The Angels Device mobile is a GPS location device which is designed for personal security and has an inbuilt emergency button as well as a motion sensor.

The Angels Device uses the proprietary SafeLinQ protocols. It will only operate in conjunction with the SafeLinQ service.  

The Angels Device primarily transmits its location information to the Angels Call Centre by using GPRS but can fall back on text messaging when in areas of poor GPRS coverage. As the Angels Device is a GSM quad band device, it will operate in most parts of the world.

Key features

Fixed Time Reporting
Set service start/end time and tracking interval (cycles) and the Angels Device automatically reports its position to the Angels Call Centre platform.


Motion sensor
Angels Device is equipped with a motion sensor, which immediately alerts in case of a ‘man down’ situation.

Power Status
Sends out alert information when the Angels Device is switched on or off and when the battery power is low or charging.

Programmable buttons
Ability to program up to four speed dial numbers through the secure website.


Speed Sensor
Sends out alert information when activated and speed threshold is met.

The possibility to create and modify 4 Safety Zones (both in- and out zone alerts).


The Angels Device automatically detects when there is no movement and will stop
sending its position to save battery power and data usage. As soon as it detects movement (based on settings) it will start cycling again.

The Angels Device allows you to enjoy life at home or out & about with the knowledge that at the push of a button help is on way.

One Off Payment of 249.99€ plus IVA

Postage 30.00€ (If out of area)

Plus 5.00€ per month Sim Rental

How Does It Work?

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year in both English & Spanish

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