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You may have already made a major retirement decision to relocate to Spain or no doubt have had many happy years living here in this beautiful country with all the benefits of warmer climate and more relaxed way of life. Alternatively you may be considering bringing a more senior member of your own family here to be nearer to you to spend the remainder of their years with you and your family in Spain. Perhaps you would like to retire to Spain but have concerns about your future health care needs or simply want peace of mind knowing everything will be taken care of.

Angels Nursing Group understands that as we grow older life events happen that have an impact on our quality of life and we realise that perhaps we need a little more help and support than previously. For many this has meant repatriation to their home countries and until now  there have been few alternative choices.


Now there is an alternative option! You can remain living in Spain while enjoying all the benefits that this brings no matter what happens. The Angels Independent Living Package which we have developed, lets you remain in control of your own life and more importantly enjoy the lifestyle you have worked so hard to attain.


The Angels have accrued many years experience working in the health and social care sectors in Spain and we have gained extensive knowledge for looking after our members needs. Through working with and  listening to people just like you, we have put an alternative lifestyle package together that gives you a real choice of enjoying life in Spain. Throughout the remainder of this presentation you will see that:

     •     You can remain living independently & securely in your own home with as much or as little help and support you need, just like               your family we are there when you need us remaining close at hand when you don’t!

     •     You will have your very own guardian angel looking after you at all times

     •     Medical Help – should you ever need it is readily to hand with your Angels “family” knowing all about you, your needs and wishes


I  sincerely hope that you feel the following information does offer you personally a viable alternative choice in deciding your future and look forward to welcoming you to our extended family.


Wishing you good health always,

Mrs Nicola Wakeman, 

RGN, Dip H.E in Nursing

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