Why Use A Legal & Registered Company

Being a Legally Registered Medical Company in Spain means that we have to abide by the laws of this great country, and as many people have experienced the Spanish system is completely different to what the British and other European expats are used to. 

We pride ourselves on making sure that all Data is Protected under the new GDPR laws, we are fully Insured and all the staff are fully vetted at application to be part of the Angels Nursing & Homecare team.

We are asked all the time, why should we use a registered Agency rather than an individual or sole trader?

The answer is simple, we take all the worry away so you are NOT liability in the eyes of the law, and you do not have to worry if the people working for you are Registered, Qualified and Legal.

Sometimes you might think that you are saving a few euros here and there by using individual or sole trader, but in the long run are you really? It’s not just about them paying autonomo, as do they Data Protection or Valid insurances to care in your home? ​Registered with the Spanish government in order to ply their trade? Are the people walking through your door covered for every eventuality, with the Angels you have the peace of mind knowing that you are protected? 

Also, what happen if the individual or sole trader wants time off or they are sick? Who is going to cover them? Who is the one that will suffer? Who do they have to turn to for Help? For Advice? For Support? Its your life & Well-being that we are talking about!

With the Angels you know we have one of the largest networks of Medical and Healthcare professionals in Spain. This means that we can cover your care and support our team of experienced Angels 24 hours a day.

Did you know?

As an individual using the services of a medical or healthcare professional you are asked by law to make sure that person is fully registered in the field they are trading. This means that if you were to employ the services of someone that was not fully registered and did not have all the correct documentation that you personally would be liable in the eyes of the Spanish law. 

Your life & well-being is of the upmost importance to us and it should be to you!!!

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